Bought and just don't use it.. used condition but good condition! I can do porch drop off for extra $3 meet at Walgreens on port royal or ppu in chapel hill
Manufacturing date: 8-23-2017 Excellent condition, barely used. Has infant insert as well. Smoke free, never been in a wreck.
Dee Engineering, Costa Mesa, California: NewOldStock NOS: Believe to be Early Bugpack-Part Number 6040 Hood Pin Kit With Keys. Before all things Communist Chinese! Quality hefty parts. Ensure Application. $22MailedLower48. PayPal, USPSMO.
Auxiliary Heater "On, Off, Pull for Heat" knob. Possibly/Perhaps for Stewart Warner? Fine Condition, dark/golden Ivory color. Locking Mechanism intact-Screw Screws in and out. Ensure Applicability. $25MailedLower48. PayPal, USPSMO.
20-Aug-2018Wartrace, TN +9 milesStuff For Sale
Genuine Volkswagen: Think to be for 1971: Campmobile Brochure, 12 pages counting both page sides and both covers titled "Our home on the range". Measures Approximately 11 inches long and 8.5 inches wide. Exhibits very little evidence of wear, some minor age yellowing occasionally, minor wear on spine. Stamped on upper right side with with the Dealer name "Thomson Volkswagen Inc. Columbia Road, ...
Genuine German Volkswagen: NewOldStock NOS: Believe to be three (3) Hex Nuts M30 X 1.5 for Driven Gear and Shaft Part Number 211 501 293 A (Reduction Gear Mechanism). Two required, one extra. Applicable from Chassis Number 1 144 182 August 1963 Model Year 1964). Large size nut with extension on one side. Ensure Application. Number 35 Illustrated Parts refers. $16MailedLower48. PayPal, USPMO.
Genuine GERMAN Volkswagen: NewOldStock NOS: Part Number 171 798 211-Gear Shift Bushing Kit! Applicable for Rabbit and Jetta up to 1984, Pickup to 1983, Scirocco 1984. Made in Germany. Ensure application! $12.50MailedLower48. PayPal. USPSMoneyOrder.
20-Aug-2018Wartrace, TN +9 milesStuff For Sale
Genuine German Volkswagen: "Owner's Service Manual" Station Wagon and Trucks-Hints on repair and maintenance of Volkswagen Trucks/Station Wagons (Bus) for 1964 and Earlier. This is Genuine Volkswagen not Bentley, Haynes, or any other. A collectible in collectible condition! Very Nice condition for this type of manual 54 years on. Appears as Unused/Used very little, aged somewhat on outer pages ...
Genuine German Volkswagen, NewOldStock NOS: One (1) Part Number 361 827 539 B locking Press Button with Keys rear door Rear Hatch in Dealer package. Two keys Profile M for Models 361-368 Squareback/Variant. Applicable form Chassis Number 362 2000 001 (August 1971 Model Year 1972 forward). Matching Codes 68M007 for all three pieces! Number 66 Illustrated Parts Fiche generically refers. Ensure Ap...
Believe to be, as indicated by Parts Tag, genuine German Volkswagen piece. One (1) Part Number 231 069 025 C-Protective Trim for Sliding Roof Aperture/Opening for Volkswagen Campmobile! Piece in ad is a modification of the Part Number shown in Parts List illustration, modification indicator going from B to C. 231 069 025 B indicates application for 1968/70 Model year-so this C modification may ...
20-Aug-2018Wartrace, TN +9 milesStuff For Sale
Genuine Volkswagen of America/Robert Bentley publisher. Two maintenance manuals for two different era/type vehicles. The Volkswagen of America manual "Official Service Manual Fastback and Squareback 1968-1973", published by Robert Bentley under the auspices of Volkswagen of America. Excellent condition, some mussing on pages when viewed with book in closed position-inside pages however are whit...
Genuine German Febi for Volkswagen: NewOldStock NOS: One (1) Part Number 113 407 361 E Ball Joint for Super Beetle Left/Right. Includes protective cap and locking nut. Made in Germany by Febi. Joint Moves easily enough when considerable force applied. Applicable through May 1973-Ensure Application. $39MailedLower48. PayPal, USPSMO.
Genuine German Bosch for Audi/VW. NewOldStock NOS. Part Number 0 438 121 049 Air Flow Meter. Bosch 1996 Gasoline/Injection catalog discloses the following Audi vehicles as utilizing this piece. 1989-1991 100, 1989-1991 100 Quattrro, 1991 80, 1989-1991 80 Quattro, 1989-1991 90, 1989 90 Quattro. VW/Audi Part Number on box is 034 133 471 G, on piece VW/Audi Number is 034 133 471 C. Just informatio...
Genuine German Volkswagen. NewOldStock NOS! One (1) Sliding roof locking handle "Spring". Part Number 115 875 223. Applicable from Chassis number 1 260 106 (sometime 1964) believe this runs through 1967 for bus handle part number 115 875 219. Number 10 Illustrated Parts List refers. Ensure Application. Package and Part Number not included. $12.50MailedLower48. PayPal, USPSMO.
20-Aug-2018Wartrace, TN +9 milesStuff For Sale
Genuine German Volkswagen. Early Air Conditioner Repair Manual (for factory installed) System/Troubleshooting/Repair. Applicable to/for Type 17 Rabbit and Type 53 Scirocco for USA and Canada Market! Copyright 1974 Volkswagen. First Edition Printed in Germany April 1975. Part Number/Identification 42-00-4122-1/0.00.533.903.21 Measures approximately 12 & 3/4 inches long by 8 & 6/16th inches wide....
20-Aug-2018Wartrace, TN +9 milesStuff For Sale
Genuine German Volkswagen/Volkswagen of America. NewOldStock NOS. Part Number 00.00.561.107.21 one (1) 1982 Volkswagen Owner's Manual for Rabbit Convertible. Manual has storage scuffs on cover, light browning top of pages from sun exposure most likely, back cover has small crease. Consists of 96 numbered pages, printed in Germany August 1981 for Model Year 1982. Copyright Volkswagen AG. Also Tw...
20-Aug-2018Wartrace, TN +9 milesStuff For Sale
Genuine Volkswagen of America items: One (1) Accessories catalog/brochure 1971 "Accessories make your VW different". Contains 19 pages of various accessories for Types 1, 2, 3 & 4. Excellent condition, one staple is loose, pages aren't unhinged, easily re-stapled. Includes also One (1) "Parts & Advice" Fall/Winter 1987 from Volkswagen dealers. Has interesting article titled "A great idea that h...
Genuine German Volkswagen: NewOldStock NOS: Part Number 171 819 081 Intermediate plate for air vent system center instrument panel. For 79 up Rabbit and perhaps Scirocco as well as other years. Has one attaching ear. This has a impact crack on one side. If I was mounting this item, I would stop drill the end of the cracks with perhaps a 1/16, 5/64, or 3/32 drill bit-no further cracks would occu...
Genuine Volkswagen Dealership. NewOldStock NOS: Part Number 171 881 477 Trim with hole, Left seat Rabbit perhaps Scirocco. Applicable form August 1977 through March 1978 Partial Model Year 1978. Color Code 90V Saddle Brown. Item 5 Illustrated Parts refers. Ensure Application. $24MaledLower48. PayPal, USPSMO.
Genuine German Hella for Volkswagen. NewOldStock NOS. Believe to be One (1) of Part Number 141 953 161 B Flashing Indicator/Turn Signal lens Front Yellow/Amber. Applicable from Chassis Number 2 103 015 to 5 853 201 (August 1959 to sometime 1963). Script reading top to bottom at center-Hella, squiggly, k 12752, @2294. One tiny rough spot in edge-appears to be where broken out of mold during manu...
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