Farm and Garden Equipment for Sale in Shelbyville, TN

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In this next thanks giving make your kitchen look brillant with our service,guarantee and quality that you deserve!! (LICENCED AND INSURED) (WE INSTALL AND FABRICATE) (615) 730-2290 Do not ruin your kitchen with cheap and bad works call us for a service and work with quality and guarantee !!! Fantasy brown,white lace,peeble beach,bianco antico special only for $36 !!!!!!!
Mowers are used and run well. 36 and 52" side discharge. Ready to go. $1500 per mower. Call 901 3601766
Vacuum cleaner. Eurekal $40. Dirty Devil $25. Call to 901*289-3186
Large Antique Leather Mule Collar.... $25
Put this address in your GPS and head over to Knoxville Center Mall (formerly East Towne Mall) 3035 Knoxville Center Drive 5 days until we close the doors for good and you've never seen prices this low We even have t-stand clothes racks for $8 - tables $10 each - 6-way racks $25 each Ballet Bars for $25 and much much more ....park on the back side of the mall (near the theatre entrance) We're l...
Modern Steel Front Entry Doors On Sale Large In Stock Variety To Choose From Prices Starting At $999 !!! Include : door,frame,sill,door handles and locks Size W 39 x H 82 Door W 36 x H 80 ONLINE SHOP : www.shop.libertywindoors.com TEL: (973) 773-2188
Orpington pure rooster. He is one year old and great for breeding. He is barred chocolate or also known as cuckoo. Not aggressive at all. Gurgles when he crows. Will not sell to anyone wanting to fight or mistreat chickens. He is good to his hens and skidding of people but NOT aggressive. If you need a rooster for breeding or take good care of your hens, Barry will be great.
Thunder is a perfect specimen. He is one year old and has amazing feathering. His blue is laced some on his chest and comb is large and perfect. I will not sell him to anyone that fights or mistreats chickens. He is not aggressive to people at all and takes excellent care of his hens. He has a loud crow so know that in advance. He would make an excellent rooster to protect or breed.
These orpingtons are from chocolate, chocolate cuckoo, lavender, blue laced orpingtons with a chocolate cuckoo rooster. Pic of father will be in comments. The marans are from black copper, blue copper, blue splash, wheaten marans with a blue copper gorgeous father. The picture of the rooster will be in the comments. I have multiple. They are one week and two weeks old. If you buy multiples I wi...
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