Hunter and Hayley are outside dogs. They are precious and loving to their owners; however, are not great with other animals or little kids. For the past ten years they have lived on a farm, kenneled at night. They have been getting loose and causing mischief. They need to be adopted by an individual with a fenced in area, no other animals or little children.
Jake is an absolutely terrific dog. He is attractive, smart and friendly. He was roaming a neighborhood for the past month. We don't know if he was dumped or lost his way, but no 1 has claimed him. He is now ready to look forward and get a new home t...
Last year Sadie came to our rescue when she was surrendered to a local veterinarian while pregnant. She had delivered 1 pup but the other three were stuck. The family opted to put Sadie to sleep instead of a C-section due to financial reasons. We stepped in and...
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